10 things you should know about ELMS

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  • October 30, 2015
As our Electronic Logbook Management System (ELMS) is so pioneering within the aviation & aerospace industry, the team here at ELMS HQ have compiled what we think are the top ten most important things to know about our software.
  1. ELMS allows you to securely record and upload copies of all of your training and qualification documents, prompting you of any missing or pending expiry.
  2. Because it is cloud-based, you can access your account wherever you are, whenever you want; providing you have access to the internet.
  3. ELMS allows you to record a complete digital logbook of your validated task history. This experience record can then be reviewed and evaluated by organisations with whom you have a “Handshake” association, meaning that you are part of their work force.
  4. Once you have an account you are able to share your training and qualifications records, task history and profile with recruiters and potential employers by way of a connection called High-5. This will allow you to cut down the amount of paperwork you have to carry and speed up the application process.
  5. Any tasks submitted to a user’s experience record or digital logbook must first be validated by an authorised supervisor or “Validator”. By only permitting these validated records to be reviewed and evaluated we are able to ensure the quality and accuracy of users’ task based competency.
  6. In addition to compiling a detailed record of task experience ELMS is able to automatically evaluate and determine recency, using metrics that are supported by the UK CAA.
  7. As a supervisor or manager you can use ELMS to provide visibility of your team’s competence and experience, ensuring that you have the information you need to use them to their full potential plus saving time from having to ask questions like, “are any of you sheet metal workers?”
  8. Having an ELMS account and working with organisations that use ELMS will give you confidence that the engineers you are working with are experienced and capable.
  9. The software has been designed to meet the challenges presented by an ever changing aviation sector. By choosing to join ELMS you are demonstrating a commitment to an improving culture of safety, quality and competence within the industry.
  10. Most importantly ELMS has been designed to ensure that it is quick and easy to use.

With all these benefits plus more why not go ahead and register for an account today? If you are an individual click here or if you are an organisation click here.

For more information on Managing and Evaluating Competency please click here


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