Building our MRO Stand: Part 1

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  • September 29, 2015

A few months ago the team at ELMS HQ put their heads together to decide upon a design for our stand at MRO Europe in October, where we will be unveiling the live demo our innovative, competence and compliance management software!

As you can imagine the team is really looking forward to revealing what we have all been hard at work on over the last 3 years. The conclusion was reached to go for a design which would be unique and interesting, whilst also representing the aviation and embodying the ELMS brand values of innovation and quality.

This is what we decided upon:
Drawing of the stand design
An aviation themed design using salvaged aircraft parts!

Full of enthusiasm for this concept and with a shopping list of parts in hand, the team set about making contact with a few contacts. Soon enough they were off on a salvaging road trip to the eCube facility at St. Athan Airfield.

Once at the destination the team set about dismantling and cutting free all the parts needed from an aircraft (points to those who name the aircraft correctly!). While most components were easily retrievable, trimming out the perfect section of intake cowl was a little trickier and it took some time to get right – Have a look at our slow motion video below:

2 hours later the cowl was finally cut and the sections loaded into the van with the rest of the haul.

Next stop, the workshop to begin construction!

Check back soon for updates of the build in Part 2 of our MRO stand build.


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