A new version of ELMS is available now!

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  • May 30, 2022

We are delighted to announce that ELMS version 2.0 is now available to try. As well as delivering a fresh modern look, the new version will deliver a vastly enhanced user experience, with a big focus on increased processing speeds and performance.

Over the last 6-months here at ELMS we have been restructuring and streamlining how we manage our product development, which means that following the launch of ELMS version 2.0, we will be releasing product updates on a more frequent basis. This enables us to be much more responsive to customer requirements along with delivering new functionality on a frequent basis – we will share more detail around this in due course.

Screenshot One – The “Try It Now” button

The new version is available now in a beta environment, with a full permanent deployment likely to take place in July 2022. We are inviting all customers and users to start using version 2.0 through the beta version at the earliest opportunity. To try the beta version now, log into the current version of ELMS and select the “TRY IT NOW” button on the banner at the top of the page.

Once signed into the beta version, you will be presented with the fresh-looking dashboard, with a better-organised navigation panel – continue to use ELMS as you did in the previous version.

Screenshot Two – An example of the ELMS 2.0 Dashboard


Early adopters of the new interface can provide feedback to the product and development team by selecting the static “Provide Feedback” button, in the bottom right-hand corner of the ELMS solution.

Screenshot Three – The arrow highlights the feedback button.

This is an opportunity to provide our team with any questions, along with recommendations about future releases, or to raise a query if something isn’t working as you expected. When you use this, ELMS will provide you with the ability to add in some free text, whilst capturing a screenshot of the page– providing ELMS with valuable information to support your question.

For a full list of enhancements, log into the new interface and select the “HELP” > “What’s New” page. If you have any queries about this upgrade, you can contact ELMS Product Manager, Lloyd White (lloydw@elmsaviation.co.uk).

Screenshot Four – An example of the ELMS 2.0 Compliance Checklist

Should users wish to revert to the current version, they can contact their Company Administrator.

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