Discover more about the capabilities of the ELMS application and the benefits to your business.


It’s important to be able to access and evaluate a complete record of your employees’ relevant training and qualifications.

The ELMS solution provides a centralised user profile that includes every individual’s mandatory, product type and differences training, along with their education, licences and host of other pertinent information.

Additionally, your quality and compliance department have the ability to supplement each user’s records with induction training, continuation training as well as any bespoke or company specific competency they may have attained.

Once all of this data has been captured, the application offers a number of reporting tools to analyse users to identify gaps, manage expiry, plan training programmes, ensure compliance and allocate tasks appropriately.


Validated hands-on experience counts for a lot in this industry. ELMS’ digital logbook functionality allows users to build a comprehensive record of their practical task experience throughout their career.

Adding tasks is easy with our intuitive interface and carefully controlled validation parameters. Because tasks are added to individual user accounts, they can securely travel with them as they move throughout the industry. That means that you, as a connected manager, can view experience regardless of whether it was undertaken at your organisation or another facility.

Again, the ELMS reporting suite allows you to analyse experience for individuals, groups of employees or by users at a specific location. By building a clear picture of employees’ experience in relation to specific or general task experience, you are able to make informed, risk-based decisions about work allocation, personnel development and supervision.


Historically, managing individual competence assessments has been an extremely onerous task. ELMS’ new competence assessment functionality simplifies the process, offering an intuitive, centralised assessment scoring and reporting framework within the application.

This new tool allows you to build your organisational assessment framework within a standardised structure. Then take the assessment to the shop floor with ELMS’ tablet and mobile optimised interface. Once you have completed your assessments, you can analyse the results to:

  • Gain visibility of organisational risk
  • Identify gaps in knowledge, skill or attitude across your organisation
  • Prioritise training initiatives
  • Isolate procedural or practical inefficiencies
  • Ascertain supervision requirements
  • Monitor performance trends for individuals and teams
  • Inform succession planning


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