The Launch of Cloud-Based Competence Management

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  • January 12, 2016

We are standing at the dawn of a new era of competence management in the aviation industry; one which promises to deliver a safer, more compliant and more efficient engineering and maintenance environment.

For more than a decade, airlines, maintenance organisations and regulators have been discussing ways that information technology can improve safety, compliance and costs within the aviation engineering and maintenance sector. In that time various industry groups and committees have been tasked with developing a solution to monitor competence and compliance, particularly in relation to maintenance and engineering.

In spite of this delegation, no one has successfully developed a comprehensive solution to standardise competence evaluation and management within the sector…until now!

The key challenges have been encouraging engagement from across the sector and rallying support for a single initiative and coming up with a set of standardised metrics that are consistent with current regulations. In order for any solution to work effectively it needs to be accepted and utilised by Regulators, Airlines, MRO’s, Recruitment Agencies and crucially the personnel within the sector.

The drive to overcome these challenges and deliver a viable solution has never been more acute; advances in materials and technology, a high rate of compound growth in the global fleet, an ageing population of skilled engineers, fewer apprentices and greater flexibility of labour are contributing to a future that paints a picture of unsustainability. Getting a handle on the competence and compliance of maintenance and engineering personnel could be the key to avoiding any number of high-risk scenarios further down the line.

For the last 3 years ELMS Aviation, part of Certa360, have been developing a solution to meet these challenges head-on. The Electronic Logbook Management System (ELMS) is a secure cloud-based competence management software solution that utilises a range of complex algorithms and logic to measure engineer and non-engineer competence. This analysis is carried out in line with EASA Part 145, Part 66, Part M and Part ARO regulations.

The application evaluates a range of data provided by users including their training, qualifications in addition to a cutting edge digital logbook which records validated work experience records. All of this information provides an accurate indication of competence in relation to a particular job role or activity to be undertaken. It also provides opportunities for continuous training and development planning by way of Gap Analysis reports.

Visibility of this intelligence will enable organisations to build a clearer picture of their peoples’ competence, behaviour, training and skills through a customised reporting facility thereby creating opportunities to improve efficiency, safety and the overall quality of their operations. Access to this information through mutually accepted connections will also provide clarity for regulators and customer audits.

Individual users will benefit from the ability to build and share a digital CV and logbook, reducing the need to supply large quantities of paperwork for quality boards and recruiters. The application also provides the opportunity to showcase their work experience in a fashion that exceeds the capacity of a traditional CV.

Simply creating the system was clearly never going to be enough; representatives from ELMS Aviation have been liaising with and lobbying the industry since the inception of the concept, establishing an independent advisory group that includes the UK CAA as well as experts from leading airlines and MRO’s. By proactively engaging with representatives across the sector they have managed to build up a wealth of support and ensure that the software is fit for purpose.

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